How to Get to Vegas

to compete in the Mini Mania events


Our long-term commitment to our members is to bring fun and excitement to amateur pool.  We make every effort to provide our members with as many opportunities as possible to compete in Las Vegas. One way we do this is by offering our MiniMania Tournaments held during our two largest events.

MiniMania events are held 20 hours per day during the APA Poolplayer Championships and the APA World Pool Championships.  MiniMania Tournaments are open to all current APA members with at least 10 League match scores and guarantees 100% payback of each tournament's entry fees.  Entry fees range from $10 to $50 and must be paid upon registration.  Entrants must bring a picture id and their current APA membership card.

For more information on MiniMania, contact the League Office at 520-261-POOL.

For hotel room reservations, please CLICK HERE!