The APA Masters ChampionshipAPA Masters Format 

Unlike the other APA formats, the Masters Divisions are NOT HANDICAPPED. Handicaps help "level the playing field" between a variety of Skill Levels, but the APA Masters format is more suited to highly skilled players looking for the challenge and opportunity to play against other high level players.
Masters Format:
  • 3 PERSON TEAMS - APA Masters teams are allowed a maximum of 4 players per roster.  Only 3 players play in one night allowing for each team to have 1 alternate in the case of illness or some other obligation.

  • NO 23-RULE - APA Masters format is not intended to "level the playing field" to compensate for a  variety Skill Levels; therefore, it is unnecessary to impose a Skill Level Limit as with our 8-Ball and 9-Ball formats.  A team may be composed of all Skill Level 7's and 9's.  However, many mid level players choose to participate in the APA Masters format for the chance to compete with some of the best players in Tucson with the intention of improving their game.

  • RACE TO 7 (8 games of 9-Ball and 5 games of 8-Ball) - At the start of a match players lag and the winner may choose:

    A.  To break first
    B. The first format to be played (either 8-Ball or 9-Ball)

    If the winner of the lag elects to break first, the opponent gets to choose the first format to be played. Or, if the winner of the lag elects to choose the first format to be played, the opponent gets the first break.

    Once the first format has been chosen, the entire set must be completed before moving on to the next format.

  • WINNER BREAKS - Once a game has been won, the winner gets to break in the next game as opposed to an "alternating breaks" format.

  • NO COACHING - Coaching is for the benefit of less knowledgeable players.  The APA Masters format is not intended to "level the playing field" to compensate for a variety of Skill Levels; therefore, coaching is not allowed at any time during a match.  However, once a match is over, it is not uncommon for players to learn new techniques from each other through discussion or demonstration.

  • JUMP CUES ARE ALLOWED - The legal length for a jump cue is 40" and their use is allowed in the APA Masters format unlike in our handicapped formats which prevents highly skilled players from gaining an added advantage over the other players.
  • 8-BALL FORMAT - The APA Masters 8-Ball format is the same as the handicapped APA 8-Ball format.

  • 9-BALL FORMAT - The APA Masters 9-Ball format is played just like regular (tournament/pro) 9-Ball.  A player DOES have the option of rolling out (push) after the break, but NO 3-foul strategy can be employed to win a game.


A Typical Night In A Masters Pool League 

A coin flip determines which team picks a player to shoot the night's first match. When a player is chosen they are announced to the opposing team. The opposing team then chooses who on their team will shoot against that player and the match is set.

Score keeping is a breeze and involves keeping track of wins only.  Three players play per night and each receives a point for every game won in a race to 7, even if they lose the match.  For example, the score in the first match might be 7-5, the second match 6-7, and the third match 4-7 for a total of 17 points for one team and 19 for the other.

The team in each division with the most points at the end of the session will be declared the Division Champions, will be awarded trophies and will advance to the Vegas or Bust City Championship.  

Teams that finish in  2nd , 3rd, and 4th place in a division will participate with a Wild Card team in Play-Offs at the end of each session.  The team that wins the Play-Offs will be declared the Play-Off Winners and will be awarded trophies, and entry into the Vegas or Bust City Championships.

At the Vegas or Bust City Championships, each team receives a pay-out based on the number of sessions won and whether they were Division Champions or Play-Off Winners while also competing for one of 2 PAID trips (hotel and travel) to Las Vegas, NV.  In Vegas, approximately 10,000 poolplayers from all over North America compete to win their share of nearly $1.5 million in cash!  Its the world's largest pool tournament and the ultimate experience for a poolplayer!