Double Jeopardy Leagues

  • Do you like to play both 8-Ball and 9-Ball?

  • Do you want to play both formats in one night?

  • If your team has 8 players, EVERYONE GETS TO PLAY in the Double Jeopardy format.  That's right, 5 players can play the 8-Ball match and the other 3 players can play in the 9-Ball match. Then, 2 players will get to play for a 2nd time to finish out the remaining 9-Ball matches.  Or 5 players can play twice in one night to double their fun!

    We currently offer a Double Jeopardy League at Click's Billiards on Sundays at 2pm but any 8-Ball or 9-Ball Division looking to turn into a Double Jeopardy format may do so.  Just call the League Office at:


    or email: