Host the APA in your pub for FREE

It's a fast, easy, no-hassle way to increase your business.  By hosting APA teams, you watch your business flourish at no cost to you.  Join more than 8,000 location owners who are already taking advantage of this moneymaking opportunity. This is what the APA offers to you...
  • Be a part of the world's largest pool league.

  • The APA offers nearly $1.5 Million in guaranteed cash and prizes at our National Events.

  • The Tucson APA Pool League pays out nearly $80,000 per year in cash and prizes to our local teams.

  • APA Pool Leagues help bar and location owners increase business on slow nights. By hosting APA teams in your establishment, you are creating a steady traffic flow into your location on a weekly basis. You are also providing your current customers with another reason to frequent your establishment.
  • APA provides many formats from 8-Ball and 9-Ball to Masters League Play.

  • You receive professional marketing materials designed to promote league development free of charge from your APA League Operator.

  • You have no paperwork or headaches! We do all the paperwork and deal with any questions or concerns from the players. The Tucson APA organization will do it all for you.

    Over 8,300 locations owners worldwide (30+ locally) are already taking advantage of this money making opportunity. By hosting APA teams, they are watching their businesses flourish...and did we mention - IT COSTS YOU NOTHING!

    For more information about how you can increase your
business by becoming an APA Host Location call: