How to Get to Vegas

to compete in the APA Poolplayer Championships...

Achieve the following steps and you'll get the chance to compete in the 
APA Poolplayer Championships.

  1. Win a local Singles Board.  Currently the Tucson APA holds several Singles Board Tournaments throughout the year, in 2 formats:

    8-person Singles Board - $15 entry fee, single elimination mini tournament where the top player advances to the Regional Championships.

    16-person Splash Board - $30 double elimination tournament where the top 5 players advance to the Regional Championships

  2. Once you've made it to the Regional Championship you'll compete against similar skill levels on a 16 to 24-player board. This tournament is a modified elimination format where everyone is guaranteed to play at least twice.  The top player in each board advances to the APA Poolplayer Championships where there is no entry fee to compete, hotel throughout the event is free, and you'll receive a travel allowance to use for transportation to Vegas.

    The Regional Tournament is held closest to wherever the most singles participants reside. Locations of past regional events have been: San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, And Tucson (several times).  That means the more Tucson APA players that play in Singles Boards and Splash Boards, the greater our odds of hosting a Regional Tournament right here in Tucson!

    History has shown that an average of only 20 players participate in the Skill Level 2-3 bracket of the National APA 8-Ball Classic.  Those are the best odds we've ever seen for a beginner player to win $15,000 playing against other 2's and 3's!

    It is also common for an average of 20 players or less to participate in the Skill Level 1-3 bracket of the National APA 9-Ball Shootout.  That's a $10,000 grand prize for 1st place and approximately $1000 to 12th place!

    So, if your a beginner in this pool league, you've gotta sign up for a Singles Board cuz you have a chance to win some serious cash!